NASCAR PreSales Project Manager

JGD Investors is currently experiencing rapid growth. Due to the large number of active business development projects, we are looking for a pre-sales project manager with a minimum of 4 years experience to support and help leverage our key resources.
The pre-sales project manager position will be responsible for setting and meeting deadlines, coordinating projects and launches, supporting key employees, and facilitating clear communication between multiple teams and team members. A project may have a very long life cycle or a very short one; in either case the project manager’s job description can be summarized as ensuring that business development happens on schedule and runs smoothly with our strategic partners, clients and prospective clients. This position will possess a thorough understanding of our service offerings, technical preferences, and technical direction. This person will have experience in utilizing the entire MS Office suite and various project management tools such as MS Project and/or Agile based systems.
• The salary range is based on experience. (Base salary, employee benefits including 401K and bonus opportunities)
• Please see attachment for a more detailed job description. Upon reading the detailed job description, what unique contributions would you make to our organization?• Why are you leaving (did you leave) your current (former) employer?• What is your current salary? Your desired salary?• How did you learn about this position? (Name of referral, name or organization, etc.)• What area of town do you live? (Our office for this position is located in Marietta, GA)

Steve Gertz
JGD Investors, Inc.
VP of Business Development
steve @


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