Atlanta Media Planner

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JOB TITLE: Regional Media Planner – ATLANTA
The Regional Media Planner assists in the development and execution of media plans under the direction of Sr. Planner, Associate Media Director or Regional Media Director. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES / PRINCIPLE ACCOUNTABILITIES:
Media Planning/Execution:
Analyze and monitor media marketplace, marketing and other related media data to aid Media Supervisor or Associate Media Director.
Evaluate and originate required media data for the execution of media plans. i.e., competitive spending, tracking plan delivery of audience, schedules rates, etc.
Assist in the writing of media plan reviewed by Media Supervisor or Associate Media Director.
Strategically participate with creative Agency in client meetings during media plan development.
Assist in writing objectives and strategies, plan development and presentations.
Write POV’s.
Manage day to day plan changes and maintenance.·
Media Research Analysis:
Proficient with media research tools: DDS, IMS, CMR Strategy, Xprt, etc.
Ability to analyze, evaluate, and effectively communicate media research data.·
Media Awareness:
Keep up with industry trends.
Work with Agency and internal resources on media related issues.
Participate in Media training sessions.·Maintain and support all company standards as specified within the Quality Management System. Perform other duties and projects as assigned.
Exceptional communication skills to work closely with and build relationships with account and buying teams.·
Strong presentation skills to garner support from the account management team and the external client.·
Analytical ability to gather and interpret market and sales figures and determine the most lucrative approach for the client while staying within budgetary guidelines.·
Ability to work with geo-demographic data and customer segmentation models to understand target definition at a market level.·
Strong computer skills (MS office).·
Significant organizational skills to work simultaneously on numerous media objectives in a comprehensive method.
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred.·
Two years media planning experience.·
Experience using Donovan, IMS,Media Tools experience preferred.·
Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.


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