Assistant Technical Designer Mud-Pie

Mud-Pie’s product is fun and geared toward the Gift market sector. I work on all apparel categories as well as shoes and accessories that the Product Designers create each season. My team works in collaboration with Design to help execute their vision and to achieve best fit and construction possible for the garments within Mud-Pie sizing. The potential candidate would be able to work on women’s and children’s garments, so there is never dull moment and the concepts are very cute. Our working environment is very laid back. Travel is minimal for Assistant positions, but the potential candidate will travel overseas atleast twice a year. The CEO, Marcia Miller, has been honored with many awards this year and she is a really nice person to work for as well as established; Mud- Pie, LLC. has been in business for 25 years. Our offices are located in Stone Mountain Industrial Parkway right off Hwy78.
This will be posted on jobsites later this week,but I always like to contact people in the know first. See below for Requirements of the Assistant Technical Designer position:
* AAS or BS degree in Fashion Design or Patternmaking from an accredited school and atleast one internship with an apparel company.
*Baby_ Infant/Toddler and/ or Women’s dress/accessories experience is an added plus.
*1-3 years of experience prior as an Assistant Technical Designer or Spec Tech or Design Studio Assistant/freelancer
*Must understand patterns (do not need to be able to draft), How to Measure a Garment, Basic Sizing, knowledgeable of Fabrics/Textiles, basic Sewing techniques, Design terminology and construction methods used with overseas factories.
*Team player that wants to do Technical Design and grow in a position *Ability to sketch in Illustrator/ Photoshop and work in Excel/PLM/WebPDM * Salary is commensurate with experience, + Full benefits
For further inquiries, please submit Cover Letter & Resume to Ladie Knight, lknight @, and Cc Missy Henderson, Executive Assistant to President and CEO, Fred Pannek is the President of Mud-Pie, LLC. and head of Product Development Design & Technical; please also Cc: him when submitting resume & cover letter to, fpannek @


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