CME Wire & Cable is looking for a recent college graduate or MBA graduate with his/her degree in either Marketing, Finance, or Industrial Engineering from a ranking university.
This candidate would be hired on as a CME employee but would have the AMAZING opportunity to participate in our parent company’s (Viakable) P15 program.
The selected candidate would be sent to 4 companies under the Viakable umbrella, over the next two years.
**These corporations are located in Central and South America. S/He would be given a project in his/her field by the a company’s Board of Directors.
The candidate would work on site until the project was completed and then present to the BOD his/her findings or project results.
Upon completion of the first project, the candidate would then move on and do the same thing at 3 other Viakable corporations.
Upon completion of his/her 2 years in the P15 program, the CME employee would be returned to the US to continue his/her career with us.
All expenses are covered by Viakable and CME while the employee is working as a P15 (housing, transportation, etc). A competative compensation package is also included in this program. We are looking for A players, ambitious over-achievers.
If you know anyone that would be a good candidate, interviews are starting next Wednesday.
Please have them call me ASAP: 404-380-5447. I will need a current resume emailed to me also.
AnaMaria Greenberger- SPHR (anamaria @ cmewire.com)


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