CDC – Sr. Systems Analyst-Healthcare Informatics Vocabulary Standardization

Emergint Technologies is seeking a Sr. Systems Analyst-Healthcare Informatics VocabularyStandardization; Loinc, Snomed, HL7, RxNorm to join our team in Atlanta, GA. The selected candidate will support our efforts with the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion within the Centers for Disease Control.

Position Responsibilities:

• Conduct information capturing sessions with appropriate subject matter experts to develop required vocabulary to support the NHSN web application.

• Insure all terminology and codes needed for NHSN are completed to the fullest extent possible using standard vocabularies, Information Model development and updates, as needed. Standard vocabularies include LOINC, SNOMED, HL7 Healthcare Service Location, and RxNorm.

•Insure all needed updates made for accurate and timely vocabulary distribution to external partners, such as Electronic Health Record system (EHRs) vendors.

•Lead effort to identify vocabulary change management process that supports the National Healthcare Safety Network program.

•Contribute to the investigation for possible vocabulary maintenance and distribution software tools for use by the NHSN development team.

•Be the lead subject matter expert on healthcare vocabulary issues in the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion.

Emergint offers competitive benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, Long & Short Term Disability, Life Insurance, 401(k), Flexible Spending Account, Vacation and paid Sick Leave. At Emergint, our people are our foundation, and our foundation is valued by our customer.

Interested candidates should apply online at


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