Interactive developer

Interactive Developer / $70-90K / Atlanta

Seeking an experienced Interactive Developer with 5-7 years’ experience to work on a variety of digital applications for a variety of clients. Work spans the digital landscape, from websites, microsites, Facebook applications and banner ads, to out-of-home experiences like installations and kiosks, to mobile and tablet applications, while always keeping our eyes open for new ways to engage the right user in the right way.

The belief is that besides being the go to for digital production and development, the Interactive Developer is a key collaborator in planning intelligent and strategic user experiences.

5-7 years’ professional experience

Professional grade Flash and AS3 experience.
Experience building projects that use a lot of video (including from streaming sources) and staying performant
Experience with webcams
Experience interacting with RESTful APIs, including POSTing files
Experience working teams and using version control software
Experience using Photoshop to break out assets for Flash builds
Expectation that designs are to be implemented pixel accurate,
to constantly improve, and to be vocal about issues in a project strategy or design
Experience with JS/HTML front end builds using jQuery
Experience with HTML5 APIs and tools: Canvas, Paper.js, Webgl, etc.
Experience with 3D in Flash
Experience with back end development (PHP or Ruby)
Experience with any aspect of mobile developments

Staff dot opportunities at gmail dot com


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