Marketing Position

Marketing Manager Alpharetta

This position will be a key member of the marketing team, and will see projects from start to finish, including measuring ROI and using insights gained to shape future campaigns. The duties of the individual in this position will include:

· Identify the needs and business objectives of franchisees in order to provide marketing services tailored to their needs.

· Develop and execute multi-tiered marketing plans and communicate written briefs for use by agencies or suppliers (e.g., creative, advertising, media, promotions, etc.) to direct their work activities in order to generate concepts for effective execution of marketing programs and objectives.

· Create a communication plan using various tools (e.g., e-newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, face-to-face meetings, video conferencing, etc.) in order to communicate franchise initiative concepts to prospects and management team.

· Manage franchise sales and marketing budgets.

· Develop and coordinate social media and public relations communications and strategies for franchise sales and marketing.

· Develop, plan and manage franchise sales events.

· Develop SEO, SEM and PPC strategies and campaigns.

· Work with other staff members to support office and franchise sales initiatives.

· Interact with franchisees on a regular basis and provide advice/assistance on matters related to marketing.

· Provide project support for marketing activities, including advertising, communications and franchise sales.

· Ensure brand trademark and graphics standards are maintained.

· Maintain and update Company’s franchise sales website.

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